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Ghost Story

One striking story which has become world famous, was back in 1953, when a young apprentice plumber was fitting a central heating unit, in the Treasurers House at York where he became aware of a horn type noise in the cellar.

Obviously thinking that's strange down here in the cellar, but the sound got louder and louder.  Suddenly a roman centurion type soldier on a horse with cart came through the cellar wall.  He fell off his ladder, as he was that startled, and up to 20 more walked through this wall.  They were dressed in plumed helmets, and carrying swords and wearing roman type attire.

Later when questioned, he described them as been very small and it seemed as if they were walking on their kneesVery few believed him including the press, and did not like talking about it because of the ridicule that came with it.

It was a long time after when excavations in that very cellar, showed that an old roman road was 15 to 18 inches below.  So these soldiers were not walking on their knees or even particularly small, they were walking on the old roman road.

A classic ghost story, of a young man who had found himself in what many believe, as a time domainGiven the right conditions, timing, and circumstances for whatever reasons, can be attributed to seeing ghosts.